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The Treasure and The Lepricorn

The Treasure And The Lepricorn


One sunny afternoon Kelly and Sophie went for a picnic in the woods. They sat next to the lake under all the trees and started eating their sandwiches. Then they saw a deep hole a few metres away from them and wondered what it was. That was when curiosity killed the cat and they went over to the hole and suspiciously looked down it and saw something shining with the reflection of the sun on it.


Kelly and Sophie got really excited. They thought  they were going to be rich! They slid down the hole with their eyes closed and landed in a pile of sand. Then they both opened their eyes and found that they were surrounded by golden blocks. There were hundreds of them! There eyes looked like they were popping out because they were so amazed! They decided not to tell anyone not even their brothers and sisters and especially not their parents! After talking about their surprising discovery, they realised there was another door in the corner. The situation got even fishier. The door had rusty hinges and it was wooden. All the paint was flaking off and it was so small, it looked like a dwarf’s door!


Finally they knocked on the tiny door and there was no answer, so they tried again. After a few minutes the door opened with a screaming squeak and a green thing opened the door. Kelly and Sophie’s legs had turned to jelly and their mouths were wide open as they were shocked. It looked like Kelly was rooted to the ground and it also looked like Sophie was ice frozen!


They woke up and found themselves sitting in front of a fire place. They had fainted while looking at the green monster that had answered the door, but they were in his house! The green little monster was a lepricorn. He had orange hair that looked like he never washed and green clothes that were ripped. He was only about three feet tall. Kelly asked what his name was and how old he was, not hoping to get an answer. But surprisingly, he spoke English. He replied that his name was Grinch and he was two thousand, seven hundred and ninety nine years old! They were astonished!


Then they asked were all the gold had come from and if it was his. He told them that the gold belonged to his great, great grandfather and that he had died a few hundred years ago. He also said that he had never been outside in over eight hundred years! They asked how he survived without having food and water. He said that lepricorns don’t need any food or water! We decided to take him out of his underground mine and take him into the outside world. He agreed that they could take him outside. He put his coat on and they climbed up the hole. He realised that it had changed so much since he had been there. He danced around the trees realising that he had never had so much fun! Every afternoon Kelly and Sophie came to the woods and saw Grinch.


Kelly and Sophie were proud that they helped him and Grinch was now happy that he could go outside. He still lives in the underground mine. He still guards the gold with his life in honour of his great, great grandfather.

Jess Howes 6.1






  1. well done jess. keep it up


  2. That was a very good composition. Keep yhe job up!!!

  3. Good Job

  4. keep it up jess.

  5. I liked your story jess. It was very interesting!!!

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