Posted by: thewritingstudio | March 16, 2010

A terrible Sea Storm

One sunny afternoon Jim and Tom wanted to go fishing on their rowing boat which they had just repaired in Tom’s garage. They asked their mother and they said that they could go. So they set off with their fishing rods and fishing bait that afternoon. Both of them were hoping to catch some big fish. They wanted to be fishermen like their fathers!


Jim and Tom got the small rowing boat and lifted it into Tom’s father’s truck and then Tom’s father took them to the jetty. He helped them slide the boat into the water. They thanked him and he shouted that they should be safe and he drove away. The boys started putting their fishing equipment in their small boat. As they were putting their fishing rods in the boat, they saw some fishermen. They had a big bucket full of big fish and they were carrying a big swordfish! Jim and Tom’s mouths dropped. They were so amazed and they wanted to catch fish like that.


Then Jim and Tom got in the boat and started rowing towards the horizon and out of the harbour. Once they were out of the harbour, the sun started to disappear behind huge grey clouds which were looming over the horizon. They only thought it was going to rain and they would be fine. But without the boys realising, all the boats started to go back into the harbour. But the boys kept fishing and did not realise that a strong current had dragged them further out to sea. They still were too focused to look up. All they wanted was to catch at least five big fish each.


The boat started bobbing with the waves. Then  a huge wave hit them and they realised that they were in the open ocean alone and that there was a big storm brewing. They were scared out of their wits and their legs turned to jelly! Then the boat suddenly capsized. Jim and Tom panicked and swam towards some rocks but the waves kept pulling them back into the dangerous waters. Finally they arrived on the rocks. Jim had a big cut on his leg from the sharp rocks and Tom had a black spike in his arm from the sea urchins stuck onto the rough rocks. They were very far from home, so they just got their breath back and then tried to seed what they were going to do. As they were thinking of a plan, they saw a big fishing boat heading for the harbour.


They jumped for joy and waved their hands in the air so the crew from the fishing boat would see them. Then the big boat turned round and started heading for them. They were so glad that they were going to be safe at last! Then they saw their small rowing boat in a thousand pieces floating in the sea. They were a bit upset that they spent all that time working on it but they were just thankful that they were safe! The boat’s crew had climbed onto the rocks to get the boys and give them blankets to keep warm. Once they had arrived on the jetty, one of the crew gave the boys a big fish each. They thanked him and walked back home. When they got back they told their parents the whole story and they were also very glad that they weren’t badly hurt!


The boys learnt that they should check the weather next time they go fishing. Since the terrible sea storm they have built another boat, since the other one is ruined and next time they are taking life jackets for safety. They have learnt that their lives are worth more than a few fish!

Jess Howes 6.1



  1. a very good story

  2. Very Good Story. Keep it up.

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