Posted by: thewritingstudio | March 24, 2010

When I found a puppy


          It was a Tuesday and I had a hard day. My teacher gave the class lots of work and I was dead tired. I walked home as slow as a sloth and I also had a headache. Then I heard whining but when I looked I saw nothing.

 I kept on walking but then my heart missed a beat as I thought that from the corner of my eye I saw a fat rat. But it was just a little puppy with a fluffy tail and floppy ears. I picked it up and it was very light. It was as skinny as a skeleton and it was white with brown ears.

 I held him to my chest to warm it. Its tail was between its legs. I knew mum would not let me keep him but I took him home anyway. Luckily that day, I didn’t eat my lunch so I gave the roll with salami to the puppy as he was starving to death. In a blink of an eye he ate the whole roll. Then I gave him some water in my plastic lunch box.

I thought that Floppy was a good name for him for he had floppy ears. First I patted him so he would feel confident with me and then I put him in my bag. Although I knew my mum hated dogs I still hoped and prayed that she would adore him and let me keep him.

          Finally I arrived home. I was a few minutes late so my parents wanted to know what had happened. I told them I stayed at school talking to my friends. Then I told my parents I was going to go to do my homework. I kept on playing with Floppy and then my mother called me to go and eat my soup.

          That same day I went to buy some puppy food for Floppy. His bowl of water was always full. I kept Floppy in my room for three days. One day, while I was at basketball practice, my mum went in my room to put some of my clothes in their place. Then something touched my mother’s foot and she was scared to death. You could hear my mother from seven miles away screaming her head off.

          When I went home from basketball my mum shouted at me for not telling her about the puppy. I told her I was sorry but she did not listen to me. My mum told me I had to give Floppy away. My heart was broken in a million pieces, but I had no choice. My mum suggested giving him to my grandma and I accepted.

          I was happy to give him to my grandma not somebody else. I visited Floppy, and my grandma everyday. Floppy soon adapted and he grew older. He was not a large dog but he was cute and friendly. He was a dream dog which I loved with all my heart.

By Jade Borg and Giuliana Aquilina 6.1



  1. prosit

  2. if your mum does not want the puppy, i will have him. very nice story

  3. prosit. Keep it up!

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