Posted by: thewritingstudio | March 26, 2010

Early for School

Trin! Trin! Trin! I heard the alarm clock ringing at six o’clock in the morning. It was a cold day and I was sleeping cosy in the bed.

I woke up and got dressed for school. I put on my school uniform. I went to the kitchen and ate breakfast in a hurry.

After breakfast I went to wait for the bus. The bus came late. I boarded a bus at quarter to eight.

At eight o’clock I arrived at school. I ran as my legs could carry me to arrive in time.

I found the school gate closed. I was worried. I saw no one of my friends or my teachers.  I did not know what to do.

Then I remembered that it was Sunday. My head was up in the clouds.  Then I went back home. When I told my family and my friends, they all laughed!

By Jake Borg



  1. prosit hafna

  2. Storja tajba hafna.

  3. prosit! very nice story jake well done =p

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