Posted by: thewritingstudio | March 26, 2010

Facing the Music

One day my mum went shopping at the biggest mall in town. She left me and my annoying little sister Janet. She always blames me for something she has done wrong.  I have to say that it was me all the time.

So when we were doing our homework, Janet got bored. She wanted to play with her ball. Janet dribbled in the living room and went straight to the kitchen.

I started to worry that she was going to break mum’s priceless and favourite vase. If she would break the vase, I’ll be so mad that my face will turn red as a strawberry.

The things is that all I had thought, it all happened. Janet passed close to the vase and broke it. “What have you done?” I asked her angrily. “I’m sorry; I did not mean to do so.” said Janet. 

 I understood her but still I was the one in trouble. As I said in the beginning anytime that Janet does something wrong I’m the one in trouble.  “What am I suppose to do?” I said thinking as hard as I could.

 “I know!” I said, having a good idea. “I’ll try to glue the pieces together.” “Well you can try, you know, although it’s pretty hard to do that.” My sister pointed out.

“Now I know what to do” I said sadly. “I have to face the music although you were the one to break it.” We heard the door’s lock and my legs turned to jelly. “Hi mum! Are you alright? Sit down and have a cup of tea!” I said.

 “What is wrong? I know that look… did you break anything?” she said.  “No mum, I was the one!” my sister told her, by saying the truth. “Mum, every time you get home and find something you think my brother has broken, it was always me who actually broke it. Sorry, but it was time to face the music.”

“I am ready for my punishment” said my sister. “I am not going to punish you because you told me the truth!”

“Really?” said Janet.

“Yes because that is what you get when you say the truth” Mum said, and finally Janet learned how much important is when you say the truth.

 By Anthea Calleja



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