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      A common household object that nowadays is being used by everyone is the television. There are lots of different channels such as sports channels and cartoon channels. We realise how important the television is when we are in hot water and to face the music we are not allowed to watch television.

     From television we can learn new things such as words and languages like Italian. Yesterday, we watched the programme Mythbusters and learned a new expression that is ‘like a bull in a china shop’. Other educational programmes teach art lessons and from documentaries and quizzes you can learn new information.

      When you are watching a programme usually it is interrupted by adverts. When we were smaller, we did not like the adverts because we would want the programme to continue. Now we are realising that the adverts can help us to choose what to buy and also where to go for a holiday.

       Many people are curious about what is happening around the world so everyday they can watch the news. The local news is about what’s happening in your country and the foreign news is about other places in the world. The farmers and fishermen also watch the weather forecast to plan their day.

       As they say all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. After a day working busily as a bee, everyone likes to sit on the sofa and watch television. On television you will find a huge variety of programmes for everyone. People who are sick or old like to spend their day watching entertaining programmes.  For children, there are cartoons and programmes in which even little children can learn something interesting. There are also DVDs for children and for adults.

       As the saying goes all that glitters is not gold and television also has its disadvantages. Some people may get addicted to it. They would sit for hours watching television and become couch potatoes.  They get lazy and fat; their eyes begin to water and get red. Not all programmes are good for children and if children watch certain programmes they may become violent.

       As the other things television has its good things and bad things. It depends on how we use television. We must be wise enough to know which programmes are good for us and which are not.  

Rebecca Mifsud and Kristina Vella 6.1


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