Posted by: thewritingstudio | March 26, 2010

The Strange thing that came out of the Well

                       Last Saturday morning I found myself alone at home. My mum and dad went to Valletta. To kill the time I called my friend Emma. We decided to take a stroll in the country side. We started to walk along the path. We found a field where to play. Suddenly we saw a well. My friend Emma wanted to peek in the well. It was full of rain water.

            We saw a strange thing in the water and we decided to see what it was. We decided to try to find a bucket and a rope to pull that thing up. Fortunately we found a rusty bucket and a rope. We threw the bucket into the water and we tried to get it. After some time we succeeded to pull up the mysterious thing. It was a bone! We were scared stiff because it was a human bone.

          We ran and ran because we were afraid. A stone throw away was my house so I ran to tell my mom what we found in the well. She phoned the police. My friend and I were scared to death. When the police came they investigated the well and then the police thanked us for our discovery and they told us that it probably was a man who was lost and never found.

By Janice Grima


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