Posted by: thewritingstudio | March 26, 2010

The Strange Thing that came out of the Well

It was Saturday morning when my friends and family came with me at a farm.  It was a scary farm house.  We were playing football close to a well, when our ball fell in the well.  I went to look if I could see the ball in the well.  Suddenly I lost my balance and fell in the well.

When I fell I felt my leg hurting me a lot.  Then I looked at my leg, I saw blood, and I could not move my leg.  I looked around me to see if there was anything to grab hold.  The well had some water in it.  I was scared to death when I saw a dead body floating in the water.

I shouted out “dead body!” My friend Mario ran as his legs could carry him to get help from my family.  Dad phoned the police.

The police came in a short time and they helped me out of the well.  Soon after, the ambulance came and took me to hospital.  The nurse told me that I had a broken leg and treated me for the injury.

I was terribly shocked by the incident and the hospital provided me with a counsellor as a problem shared is a problem halved.  The dead body was that of a man who accidentally fell in the well and hit his head and died.

Finally, after seven weeks I was completely healed.

By Charlie Joe Attard


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