Posted by: thewritingstudio | March 29, 2010

Facing the Music

One sunny morning I went to the playground with my sister LaraAnn.We took our red ball with us, so we could play with something. First we went on the swings and then we went on the merrygoround.


There, we played with our red ball and I went to kick it and it went exactly into my neighbour’s kitchen window! I told my sister not to tell anyone.


As we were on our way home enjoying the fields full of flowers I told my sister again to keep it as a secret, but she was only two years old and when we arrived home she immediately went to tell my mum about what has happened. I was scared to death!


My heart missed a beat when my mum was coming to talk to me. My mother took me to my bedroom and she talked to me. She told me that I should tell our neighbour Mary the truth. I promised her that I will go and tell her. I felt like a fish out water.


I went to tell her in the afternoon that I was so sorry and I did not do it on purpose. She told me that I must play carefully especially when I am not at home,and that day I faced the music!

By Nicole



  1. prosit

  2. prosit! qabbi keep it up

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