Posted by: thewritingstudio | March 29, 2010

I am an insect

I am a butterfly and I live in a back garden of a house. I am very happy that I live in this garden .Where I live I am very happy because there are a lot of trees and flowers.

My name is Colours. I have a lot of colours. I have pink, purple, blue, yellow, red, brown and green. There are my sister, mum and dad butterflies. There are also birds and cats. There is a lot of grass to eat.

There are seven trees in the garden but I can see so many more trees. I can hear collar doves. When the gardener came and ploughed the soil, all types of birds came to eat the seeds.

I can touch a lot of things I can touch soil, flowers and rocks. I can touch pollen too. I touch the pollen to pollinate the other flowers. There are plenty of flowers on which I can move.

I can taste apples. I can smell apples because they are special trees. This tree is an apple tree. It makes a lot of apples. This tree is very old and its branches are cracking.

The butterflies don’t have a long life. Our lives are short. We can’t live more than a year. We can live about ten to eleven days.

                                                                                                By Matthew vassallo.



  1. well done

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