Posted by: thewritingstudio | March 29, 2010

Looking forward to the summer holidays


   I am really looking forward to the summer holidays because we will be going abroad to Liverpool in England. We are going to many places like Anfield (Liverpool’s Football Stadium) and Hamley (in London).    

During the summer holidays, I am going to visit my grandparents in Ghadira. When it’s a sunny day, we go swimming at ‘Ghadira Bay’ or we go fishing with our grandfather’s boat near the fish farm or we go snorkelling for fish. Sometimes we have a barbeque in their back garden. When my parents have an occasion in   summer, we go and sleep at our grandparent’s house.


   In the summer holidays, I’ll expect to meet some friends of mine. When they come to my house, they will sleepover or stay for a couple of hours.


   I can’t wait for the summer holidays to come because I will do all of these things and relax a bit from all the hardwork and school


                     By Luke Xuereb, Daniel Cauchi and  James Magro 6.1 



  1. well done

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