Posted by: thewritingstudio | April 13, 2010

A Day at Fairyland

A Day At Fairyland

        Last Saturday, I was reading a book in my bedroom. It was about fairies, and on it there was written that it was fiction, and I felt as angry as a hungry lion, because I believe in fairies. It was about a fairy called Tinky that got lost when she was seeking golden flowers.

         There was a word that I could not see clearly, so I put my face nearer to the book. When my nose touched the book, I felt dizzy and I was tumbling down. When I opened my eyes I found myself in another place that seemed unfamiliar. When I looked at my bookmark my legs turned to jelly, because it was bigger than me. I was as small as a thumb.

          I could hear someone crying, but I could not see the person. When I moved closer to the noise, I had the shock of my life. There was Tinky, sitting on the grass crying. I could not believe my eyes. When she saw me her heart missed a beat because she probably thought that I was going to hurt her. I talked to her slowly, and explained how I got there.

          Luckily at the end of the book there was a map of Fairyland, so I managed to take Tinky back home. Her parents thanked me very much and gave me a photo of Tinky so I would remember of her. Luckily, Tinky’s parents said some magical words and to my astonishment I found myself in my bedroom again.

          I will always remember that day, and Tinky’s photo is still is the drawer near my bed. I hope someday I will visit Fairyland again.

                                                                         Kristina Marie Vella 6.1



  1. It was a very good story. By reading the story you made me want to go to Fairyworld!!!

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