Posted by: thewritingstudio | April 13, 2010

The magic pencil

The Magic Pencil

For my tenth birthday, I was given a set of pencils from a tourist that I made friends with while she was in Malta on holiday. The set consisted of four colourful pencils. When I tried to use one of the pencils, it broke in two. This also happened to other two of the pencils. There was only one left, and I was as angry as a fisherman that goes out to sea and does not catch fish.


The pencil left had a point which was as sharp as a knife. It was as red as a poppy, with flowers and butterflies on it. When I looked at it, I saw it twinkle, but I thought that it was a figment of my imagination.


When I thought about the words that I wanted to write, to my astonishment, the pencil began to write on its own. My legs turned to jelly, as I had never seen a pencil like that before. I immediately told my mother, and she said that during her life time, she had never seen such a thing.


I only use this pencil at home, because I am afraid that if I take it at school, the children will want it or worse steal it. I called my pencil Shocky, because when it started to write by itself for the first time, it gave me a shock. Only my parents, my brother and I know about Shocky. Anyway, if I tell other children, they would not believe me.


Shocky, is the greatest treasure that I ever had and will always be!!!

 Diane Cutajar and Kristina Vella 6.1




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