Posted by: thewritingstudio | April 13, 2010

The magic rabbit

                                           The Talking Rabbit

           It was a lovely sunny day and I decided to go for a walk in the country side which is a stone’s throw away from my house. I got a basket with some fruit and a sandwich and a bottle of water and I left.

           I was walking through the country side when I saw a rabbit. It was black with blue eyes. I walked near it and it started to hop away. So I quickly chased it and I was shouting for it to stop but it wouldn’t. But finally it stopped near a hole. I told it hello then suddenly it replied and said hello. I was astonished. I asked it what its name was and he said he was called Mr. Carrot and that he was a magical rabbit.


          He also told me that that hole that he was about to go down was his home. He told me that if I wanted, he could make me small and I could go down the hole and see his home. So I said that I didn’t mind and that I would enjoy visiting his house. He mumbled some magic words and in a split second I became as small as he was. And to my amazement even my basket was small and when I looked inside so was the fruit and the sandwich.

         Then Mr. Carrot told me to move and we went down to his home. It was very clean. In the living room there was a little red chair and in front of the chair was a little television. Then he showed me his bed room he had a little double bed with a small side cupboard. And in the bed room was a little door leading on to his on suite. It in he had a small bath and small sink and small toilet. Then we went to the kitchen. There was a little table and two chairs and several cupboards.

        Then I told him he wanted to share my sandwich and fruit and he said that he didn’t mind so we went back up to the country side. I turned back to my normal size and we sat on the green grass and ate half of the sandwich each and an apple. Then I asked him about his family and he said he had two brothers and one sister and that they also live in the country side.

         So we sat and ate whilst watching the sun go down. Then I had to go home so I told Mr. Carrot bye bye. But even today I still go back and visit him. 

Aston Corner 6.1


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