Posted by: thewritingstudio | April 13, 2010

The rescued dog


One sunny afternoon my brother and I were in the garden playing football when our mother yelled at us to come back inside. We went into the kitchen where we found our mother writing a shopping list for me and my brother to get from the village shop a stone’s throw away from our house.

We were walking down the road when we saw a dog squealing and howling, it was stuck under a gate of barbed wire. It was brown, scruffy and had blue crystal eyes! She was definitely a mutt. We tried to lift up the barbed wire, so the dog could escape from the trap! But the hole was too small and it just stayed still as if it was frozen! So my brother ran home as fast as his legs could carry him to fetch a shovel.

When he got back he saw that the dog was squealing even more! So he quickly started digging around the poor, hopeless dog, so that the dog could easily escape! Once the hole was big enough for the dog to get out, we encouraged it to crawl out. It started to walk ducking under the gate. Finally it had escaped. First we checked if it had a collar to see if someone owned the dog, but it didn’t so they decided to keep it, but the only problem was our mother. She was never really fond of dogs! It was a girl. Jake and I my brother decided together to name her Chloe.

I walked Chloe back home while Jake went and bought all the shopping. When I arrived home I brought Chloe into the kitchen where mother was cooking. As soon as she saw Chloe, she immediately asked where she came from. I told her what happened and she shouted at me for a few minutes but I knew I did the right thing for Chloe!


The next few days we went to the pet stores and bought her a comfortable dog bed, a few dog treats, some dog toys and dog food. She got a lot of attention from Jake and me, but not so much my mother! But she is still getting used to Chloe. Chloe normally sleeps at the end of my bed. My father adores her, when he is working in the garage she always sits next to him and watches him work.

Jake and I are very happy that we rescued Chloe, because if it wasn’t for us she probably would have died.

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  1. Very Good Story!!!!! You surely are an animal rescuer.


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