Posted by: thewritingstudio | April 16, 2010

A day with an alien

                   One day I was playing in my grandma and granddad’s garden. Then suddenly I looked up at the sky and saw some big silver splodge coming towards me. It got closer and closer and the suddenly ‘Bang’; it landed in my granddad’s shed.

          My heart skipped a beat I didn’t know what to do so I decided to walk slowly up to the shed. My legs turn to jelly I had no idea what was in there. I slowly opened the door. It started to squeak. I popped my head in and saw a blue skinned thing which was about one metre high. It one head, with two big green eyes and one blue nose, with a one pink mouth. It also had four blue antennae. Two were long and two were short. They had little pink balls on the end. It had four arms with four hands with four fingers. It also had four feet with four toes and four nails.

So walked in and said hello. I asked it if it spoke English. It slowly replied yes. I asked it what its name was and that my name was Aston so it said that its name was Sarlet and that she came in peace. I just laughed and told Sarlet not to be afraid of me. I asked her how she got here. She told me that she came from a far away planet called Haloona and she was bored so she went in her dad’s garage and started to play around with her dads rocket then suddenly it took off and she didn’t know how to work it so she crashed in my granddad’s shed.

         Then I asked her about her family and friends. She told me she had three sisters and four brothers. She told me how she had lots of friends but her best friend was called Melody. I told her how I had only one brother and that I had lots of friends but my best friend was called Tilly. I asked her about her planet and she told me that it was quite big but when it rained it rained sweets. I told her how lucky she was to have a planet that rained sweets and that she had lots of brothers and sisters.

         I helped her fix her dad’s rocket. Then it was starting to get dark and I told her I should go inside to my grandma so she said that she would go back to Haloona but before she left she gave me a bracelet for a souvenir so I would never forget her. Then she left so I went inside to grandma and Granddad I didn’t tell them what happened because it was mine and Sarlet`s secret.

          The next morning I woke up and thought it was all a dream but then I looked on my desk and saw the bracelet and I knew I would never ever forget my day with an alien.

Aston Corner 6.1



  1. Hello I’m Céline a french teacher of a little school and I visit your site The writing studio. I read your text and I find it’s a very good work.

    • hi celine, thanks for visiting and commenting on our site. Our students (11yr ods )will be having their exams shortly so they have little time to add new stories. hopefully, they will continue writing the second week of May.

      jeff, yr 6 teacher

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