Posted by: thewritingstudio | April 16, 2010

Alone at Home


One cold night,  my family and I had a birthday party at my grandma’s house.  The day before,  I was sick in bed,  and because of the dreadful, stormy weather I had to stay alone at home.

When they left,  I done my last piece of homework and then I went to lock all the doors.  After,  I decided to have an adventure and off I went into my bedroom to get my jet-black witch dress.  Then I rushed to the stairs and went as quiet as a mouse,  on tip-toes into the basement.  Prickles of fright ran down my spine when I heard a noise.  It was only the cat!  Then I found out there was a secret passage……


When I was going in,  I realised there was a slide and I went through it.  I found myself in another floor.  There was a huge baby piano and dusty portraits all around the room.  The portraits were of my grandma,  grandpa,  great-grandparents of my aunts.  I suspected there was something behind that black carpet on the wall.  As I opened it I saw a treasure box.  I was in the seventh heaven when I saw there were jewels and money.

Then I decided to leave it there and try to get back up.  I went up from a rusty ladder and found myself back in the basement.  I rushed up to my room and changed.  All of a sudden I heard my mum calling and went to hug her.  I told her what happened and we went to get the jewels with dad.

I’m glad that I stayed alone at home because I found a piano and another floor.  As a reward mum and dad gave me that floor as my bedroom.

Naomi Deguara 6.1



  1. it is a nice story naomi !!

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